Tours and prices.

                            Eco Guided Tours Experiences  

Tanamá River Adventures offers 5 different options to choose from.                                    All of our Adventures  includes, Hiking through the Forest and River, visit to Caves, Spring waters, explore our Underground River with the Tubing experience, Swimming or floating with our Cave Tubing adventure. Swimming and free jumps that are optionals.                 

All our Tours departs at 8:30 am or 9 am. Only morning sessions! We have a weight limit of 240 pounds. To go out in a Tour we will need at least 4 people or more, for any Rappelling Tour we will need 6 people or more. If you are a single person or a couple please call for details, or send us a text message to the phone number provided.

Reservation Required


-Option #1   Cave tubingdsc_0027


  • Hiking in the mountains through the forest and river, while enjoying the flora and dsc_0155fauna of this tropical forest.
  • Underground river
  • floating down the River with your PFD’s (personal floating devices) and a floating tube,
  • Karst Tunnel Caves (over 330mts. long)
  • swimming in Natural pools
  • Natural Springs Water
  • free jumps (optional)
  • time to relax and enjoy Nature.
  • minimum age requirement is 5 years.
  • 3hrs, aprox. $65 p/p + 11.5% tax.                                                                   



-Option #2   Cave-Tubing plus Hiking / Caving

Cave tuving, FyB

  • option #1 plus
  • Body rafting
  • River trekking (hiking through the river and swimming)
  • Canyoning (Hiking and swimming between rock walls)
  • Visit to Arch Cave (over 150′ft tall)
  • Huge stalactite formations
  • Springs Waterfalls
  • Visit to Hand of God caveark
  • Nice views above the River (120′ft)
  • lunch (authentic puertorican meal)
  • Minimun age requirements is 10 years.
  • Good physical condition is necessary!
  • 4.5 hrs, $89 p/p + 11.5% tax.




-Option #3:  Rappelling / Cave-Tubing / Hiking                                                                                                      (Family Friendly Tour)   

  • This is a full Adventure in half day.
  • Hiking in the mountains through the forest and river, while enjoying the flora and fauna of this tropical forest.
  • Underground rivercave tubes
  • Rappelling of 45′ft high at a cave system
  • Cave- Tubing (option #1)
  • River trekking
  • Swimming in natural pools
  • free jumps (optional)
  • lunch (authentic puertorican meal)
  • time to relax and enjoy Nature.
  • Minimum age requirements is 5 years.
  • 4hrs, $79 p/p + 11.5% tax



-Option #4  Rappelling/Cave-Tubing/Canyoning

  • Hikingbijaun
  • Caving (3 caves)
  • Rappelling of 120′ft high (from a cave to the Waters)
  • Karst tunnel Caves
  • Springs waterfalls
  • intermediate climbing
  • River trekking
  • Canyoning
  • Cave tubing (over 330mts long)fr
  • Underground river
  • free jumps (optional)
  • lunch (authentic puertorican meal)
  • Minimum age requirement is 14 years.
  • 5hrs, $109 p/p + 11.5% tax.



-Option #5    Full Day CAVING-ADVENTURES!

Highest Rappelling at Tanamá River, and one of a kind in the whole Caribbean! Caving experiences!
Minimum age requirements is 18  years.

  • Hiking,Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 9.56.03 AM
  • Rappelling 250′ feet (Highest rappelling at Tanamá river)
  • River trekking
  • Tarzan swing over the river
  • floating down the river with your PFD’s (presonal floating devices) and floating tubes,
  • Cave-tubing
  • Underground River
  • Waterfalls
  • moderate climbing
  • Canyoning
  • visit to 3 caves
  • views over 120′ feet above the River
  • swimming spring water pools
  • free jumps
  • Lunch (authentic puertorican meal)
  • Top physical condition is needed for this Tour (meaning been able to hike and explore the mountains, river and caves for at least 4hrs.)
  • Early start: 8:30 am, small groups only
  • 5-6hrs, $135 p/p +11.5% tax.