Cave-Tubing at Tanamá

Tanamá River Adventures

Nature Sacred Journey’s with Unique Experiences with Nature and Adventures, in Utuado, Puerto Rico.
Explore our Underground River with Caves, Caverns, Tubing, Swimming, Rappelling, Body Rafting, Waterfalls, Free jumps, Tarzan Swing, Hiking, Education and Excellent Service. We offer Family tours and also Extreme tours. No experience is necessary. Reservations Required! 


Cave-Tubing is our most important attraction here at Tanamá River. Here at Tanamá is the only place in the Carribbean for floating with tubes through caves, over 300 mtrs. long. Adventurous and relaxing at the same time. Cave-Tubing is a rare Experience that only few places around the Planet can offer you! Our team will guide you into an unforgettable Experience. Tanamá River Adventures ONE with NATURE!.

Caves and Caverns in Utuado, Puerto Rico

Caverna ta

Unique Experiences! Enjoy Puerto Rico’s beauty; explore Caves and Caverns while swimming at the Tanamá River. Enjoy our Cave-Tubing Plus to get a Real Nature Adventure. The Best thing to experience while being in Puerto Rico. Hiking in trail forest and exploring the Karst or limestone formation, swimming in natural pools and waterfalls, with the opportunity of descending into the caves with the Rappelling Adventure, and the Cave-Tubing experience. Nature Sacred Journey’swith Tanama River Adventures!