The beauty of the Tanamá River

The Tanamá River is a unique Natural place for many differents River Adventures activities, including: cave tubing, trail forest, mountain hiking, ziplines, rappelling, body rafting, and miles and miles of a unique underground world with caverns and caves that will take your breath away. Its beauty makes this River a great place for contemplation and meditation on its Natural wonders. The Tanamá River is located in the mountainous region know as La Cordillera Central, flowing down to the northern midwest region of Puerto Rico. Its waters that are rich in clay, minerals and rocks, nourishes three diferent towns; the town of Adjuntas  where the River begins, the town of Utuado, where we are located at, and where the Tanamá River has a dramatically change on its surroundings, changing from volcanic rocks to karst rocks, and where the River goes underground for the first time, and the town of Arecibo where the River goes underground to meet the Río Grande de Arecibo.The beauty of the Tanamá River makes this area a one of a kind attraction to many visitors around the globe such as tourist, geologist, hydrologist, arqueologist, biologist and many more scientific people who wants to learn more about Life and Planet Earth. Come and see it with your own eyes.

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