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Tanamá River Adventures Eco-Friendly Tours are NOT for everyone, our service will be a Eco-Guided Tour, sharing all what we do, and sharing the interpretation of Our Sacred Forest, introducing you to our Mountain people culture, (Jíbaro-Taíno). This Tours were designed for Conscious people, for people who wants to have a Transformation in their Life, feeling the Beauty of this Sacred place with the Adrenaline rush that  the Tanamá River Adventures has to offers you. Kids are welcome to our Tours, but remember that some of Our Tour are physically demanding, so please have that in mind before you make any reservation, and feel free to ask for any customized or special Tour. We will take care of the people who visit us with a High Qualified Safety Service, making your day an unforgettable experience, and please be ready for once in a lifetime Tanamá River Adventures Sacred Journey experience.  We reserve the right of admission. Weight limit of 240 pounds.

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This experience of being surrounded by the Mystical Forest of the Tanamá River demands a good physical condition, you will inmerse your-self in a remote area, going down the hill and up the hill to get to different places where you will have to hike on uneven and slippery-muddy terrain, you will get close to different steep cliffs and walk trough moving water. Close tennis shoes are the best option for our tours, and bring a little daypack with some water and snacks. The Hiking experience is unique on its own, and it will take you inside the Tanamá River Tropical humid Forest, enjoying the Karst formations  and more. The Hiking exprience is included in all our different Tour Adventures.

Maketauri Arch

El Arco Maketauri Cave

Caving Adventure Tour

This experience will take you into an unforgettable experience, seeing Nature as you have never seen before, experiencing Two big Karst tunnel Caves, in which you will be able to enjoy our Cave-Tubing Adventure, in a 1000ft long underground river Cave, and cross the Mountain from one side to the other through an enormous Arch Cave, with a great opportunity to visit and experience more than five different Cave environments, with huge stalactites formations and the unique beauty that the Tanamá River has to offer you.

The arch

El Arco de Vida Cave  (the Arch of Life Cave)

Ra. Arco

El Arco de Vida

Rappelling:           .                  .  

 Tanamá River Adventures offers you three different options for your Rappeling experience, with different altitudes to choose from (45’ft./ 120’ft./ 250’ft.) and no experience will be necessary. All of our Rappelling Adventures are set up in some Cave-system, giving you a unique experience as you descend down the rope to meet the beauty of your surroundings, respecting the environment, and enjoying the beauty of different rocks formations such as  stalactites and stalagmites formations. We are the creators of the Highest Rappelling at Tanamá with an altitude of 250′ ft, in which you can be able to experience the Adrenaline rush as you have never feel before in a Safety and Sacred way.


Cueva del Arco




Cave tubing

Cave Portal, Bija

BIJU BBiijjaa

fernu 1

Bouldering 1

Bouldering en Tanamá!







rio abajo