About us


Mukaya, Fernando, Yama

The Tanamá River Adventures program is a family business, that combines educational programs with many different River activities, such as Organic Farming, Eco-Tours, and different Healing techniques. We are located in the central western Mountainous region of Puerto Rico in the town of Utuado. Our family have been in this path for over a decade, dedicating our lives to protect, preserve and share our Native-Indigenous Culture, and please do not compare us with other tour companies, our family live with an ecological-counsciosness, making every-day a Living Ceremony. Our responsability with the Natural environment haved come to be one of Our passions in life. Our family lives in a self-sufficient Mountain house, using solar-powered energy, catching rain water and using Natural spring waters to feed our family. We plant some of the food that we consume, in an Organic way.

yam y fen

Fernando and Yama building their home, Utuado, P.R.

Our house was built by our own hands, in a sustainable way, using many different natural resources such as wooden trees, bamboo, rocks, clay, and more. We love to make things happen in a harmony way with the natural environment, that’s why we are hard workers, cause we Love what we do.

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Fernando and his friend Jesús Anglero (from aserradero Buena Fibra) using a sawmill for making wood from trees.



Fernando taking a course with the NCRC (National Cave Rescue Commission, 2008).




Buena Vibra!





Fernando Cabrera: (flute-maker), a Jíbaro-Taíno (mountain men), an Artisan for the past 2 decades, certified by the National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC) since 2008, Organic farmer,  Thai massage healing techniques; he was in a wheel chair when he was 17 years old, and his mother, friends and family help him to Heal his illness, today’s day he is a God’s Living miracle who wants to share with you the Mysteries of Life. And like Fernando says:                          Live Life with Passion


Fernando, NCRC 2008.

fuego fen

Fernando making Fire








Enrique Alejandro( Bija ) : Artisan and a Nature  .              lover, his name Bija comes from our Taíno         .                  heritage, from the word Achiote or Annato in                 .      english (a red or orange seed ) that Our  Taíno people .      use to paint their bodies. His mother (Grandma Itiba ),   .      introduce him to Nature exploration since childhood .    .      and Bija and Yama are twins.