What to Bring.

What to bring:

For the Adventure you will only need to bring a small backpack with water and snacks, be well dressed for the Adventure and have a Positive attitude! And we will provide all the equipment necessary for your experience with Nature.tanama-21
-Bring close tennis shoes or any hiking shoes with good traction for a rocky and slippery environment or Sneackers that can get wet, water shoes are ok.
-Bring clothes good for the water, like dry fit clothes or exercise clothes, (no jeans), short pants and a Tshirt is ok. The water temperature is about 70 degrees fahrenheit.
-Bring Xtra clothes and a towel to change at the end, bring a camera or celular phone for pictures.
-Bring a small backpack with *water and *snacks, Very important! You can get water and snacks at our store, or bring your own please.
-*Water and snacks are mandatory for the Tour.
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