Our meeting point will be at our private lacation on road #111, Km. 48.4  Bo. Caguana, Utuado P.R. near the Caguana Ceremonial Indian Grounds. 

               Click on the picture to enlarge. We are on the red star.

With private and secure parking. A store where you can get water and healthy snacks. Restrooms and changing rooms available. We open doors at 8am.

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Directions from the San Juan area and from the East side. 

1 hr and 45 minutes estimated driving time from San Juan area.

Don’t follow a GPS only.

-Find highway #22, and start driving heading West, towards Arecibo.

-on highway #22 (heading West), take exit 75b, to road #10 South. (exit 75b is in the municipality of Arecibo).

-You will be on road #10 in km 68 heading South

– Drive South on road #10 for about 20 miles or around 20 minutes, driving at 50mph, (speed limit) until you reach the first and only traffic light on road #10 South, This is the intersection with road # 111. You will find this intersection on road #10 after you pass the second gas station that will be at your right side.

-Make a right turn on the traffic light to take road #111 West, towards the municipality of Lares. You will be driving uphill and you will see the green sign of km 59.5 on road #111. Stay on road #111, until you reach km 48.4. We will be at your left side.

***On road #111 you will find 2 different gas stations and different places where you can buy some food and snacks in different locations such as bakeries, restaurants and small super markets.

*Notice: If you are using a GPS or following Google maps directions and you are driving on road #10 South do not make a right turn on road #10 in km 47. before the bridge. This exit will take you to a very narrow road. 


  • Directions from the West area: Mayaguez, Rincón, Añasco, etc.

-take road #2 going north till you get to the intersection with road #111

-take road #111 heading east, keep on road #111 for aprox. 1hr.  all the way till you get to Utuado.

-on road #111 you will pass through Moca, San Sebastian and Lares town, then you will get to Utuado.

-Follow the signs that will guide you to Caguana Ceremonial Indian Grounds.

– We are on road #111 at your right side 10 seconds before the Caguana Ceremonial Indian Grounds.


  • Directions from North-West; Isabela, Quebradillas, Hatillo.

-Take road #2 heading east, looking for highway #22,

-when you hit the highwaypass the toll and take exit #77 to take road #129 South

-at the end of road #129 take left on road #111, heading east (this is in Lares town)

-keep on road#111 to find our meeting point.



  •  Directions from the South area: Ponce

-take highway #52 and find the big red letters PONCE, take road #10 North, heading towards Adjuntas town,

-follow the signs to keep on road #10, road #10 will merge onto road #123, cause road #10 is under construction,

-keep on road #123 till you get to the intersection (shown at the picture below) and make a right turn to get on road #10 North.PR10

-At the traffic light (the only one at road #10), make a left turn (at the intersection with road #111) heading towards Lares town, on road #111 west.

-keep on road #111 for 12.7 kms. driving uphill and then downhill on some winding roads, passing by the Caguana Ceremonial Indian Grounds, at your left side, and we will be at your left side,10seconds after you pass the Caguana Ceremonial Indian grounds at your left, going downhill, at road #111 Km.48.4