Cave-Tubing in Puerto Rico

Here at Tanamá River Adventures you can experience the Cave-Tubing at la Cueva del 12Arco ( Arch Cave), in Utuado, Puerto Rico. Our place is located between the first two tunnel caves that this river finds on it’s way back to the ocean. After hiking through beautiful trail forest you can enjoy a caving exploration with the Cave-Tubing adventure, crossing tunnel caves through underground river system for over 300mts. long and one of them with over 200mts. of altitude, observing huge stalactite formations and exploring Nature while you float down the stream with your floating tube. This Cave-Tubing experience is suitable for all ages. We are located on road #111, km. 12.6, Utuado, P.R., near the Caguana Ceremonial Indian grounds. Come and enjoy a real adventure in Nature, in our Sacred lands and you will never forget this place!

Cave Tubing

cave tubesLife is Adventure and there are many different ways of exploring Nature, in Tanamá River Adventures we offer you the most popular Tour attraction at the Tanamá River, the Cave Tubing. This Cave Tubing experience is a combination between caving and body rafting, making this adventure a unique on its own. We hike through trail forest to encounter the entrance of the River Cave, and is here where we experience the underground river. With helmets and life jackets on and a floating tube, and we are ready to embark in a sacred journey going cave tubing at Tanamá River. The Cave that we will be crossing for about 20mins. is called El Portillo (little portal), and this is the first tunnel cave that the Tanamá River finds on its way down to the ocean. This tunnel cave system is through limestone bedrock, which have been erode by the waters for millions of years. Many of the limestone are composed from skeletal fragments of marine organism such as corals and shells, and you will have the opportunity to witness some of these petrify coral reef, and also how Mother Earth is creating itself. After we spend some time floating down the stream and enjoying the cave tubing we get closer to the exit of the tunnel cave with a gorgeous view of the open sky river. cave tNow the Sun will be shining over our heads giving us the warm sunlight that we all need to be alive, and we keep floating while we observe the beauty of the rocks formation in this area of the Tanamá River. After finishing with the cave tubing experience we will enjoy the river and its Natural swimming pools, with optional free jumps, climbing, and more. Good time to relax and enjoy Nature as it is, and getting ready for the next Tanamá River Adventures experience!

Utuado, our flag

Bandera OtoaoThis is the flag of Utuado, the name of our municipality, which derives from the Taíno word Otoao, meaning “between mountains”. Taíno, is the name used to refer to our Ancestors or our Indigenous People who live in the island of Puerto Rico. The meaning of this flag made Our family to feel proud of living and working in this Sacred Ground, Utuado Mountains. Here is a brief information about the meaning of the diferent components that creates Utuado’s flag.
  •              Green: it’s refers to the enourmous Mountains that shapes our municipality.
  • Brown: it’s refers to the fertile soil that give us food all year round.    
  •              Blue: it’s refers to the abundance of pure waters, rivers, lakes, springs, etc.
  •              Center: it’s refers to the Utuado Taíno Sun.                                                   

Tanamá River Adventures family is really dedicated to protect, preserve and share our Native-Indigenous Culture. We feel in harmony with all the different elements that compose this flag. We love our flag and our people, let us show you why. Come and explore the Tanamá River and Utuado Mountains with real Jíbaro-Taíno people.