Utuado, our flag

Bandera OtoaoThis is the flag of Utuado, the name of our municipality, which derives from the Taíno word Otoao, meaning “between mountains”. Taíno, is the name used to refer to our Ancestors or our Indigenous People who live in the island of Puerto Rico. The meaning of this flag made Our family to feel proud of living and working in this Sacred Ground, Utuado Mountains. Here is a brief information about the meaning of the diferent components that creates Utuado’s flag.
  •              Green: it’s refers to the enourmous Mountains that shapes our municipality.
  • Brown: it’s refers to the fertile soil that give us food all year round.    
  •              Blue: it’s refers to the abundance of pure waters, rivers, lakes, springs, etc.
  •              Center: it’s refers to the Utuado Taíno Sun.                                                   

Tanamá River Adventures family is really dedicated to protect, preserve and share our Native-Indigenous Culture. We feel in harmony with all the different elements that compose this flag. We love our flag and our people, let us show you why. Come and explore the Tanamá River and Utuado Mountains with real Jíbaro-Taíno people.